Agarwood from Khanh Hoa : Sacred Aroma from Heaven and Earth

Agarwood from Khanh Hoa is famous in Vietnam as well as all over the world. Agarwood from Khanh Hoa carries great cultural and religious significance, associates with legends of Po Nagar, the Mother of Nha Trang, and Gods, symbolizes a happy and prosperous life. The pure aroma of Trầm Hương Khánh Hòa always wafts within the glory of Po Nagar and Gods as well as in majestic spaces of Nha Trang – one of the most beautiful bays in the world. There’s an old saying that:

“Khanh Hoa is the land of Aquilaria.

High mountain deep ocean, is where people love to come…”

In Khanh Hoa province, there is also salangane’s nest (yen sao). It is as valuable as Tram Huong. Both Tram Huong and salangane’s nest represent the distinctive features of Khanh Hoa province. They symbolize the nobility and faithfulness of the province. Although salangane’s nests are always available, but not many families use them to celebrate the Lunar New Year (Traditional Tet). On the contrary, Tram Huong is always used to worship Gods and ancestors.

It is said that Agarwood is formed when Heavenly Aroma from the sky blends with the resin leaking from the wounds of an Aquilaria Crassna tree; the substance then is nourished for hundreds of years with sunshine, ocean wind, and many other natural factors. Therefore, Agarwood is considered as a Sacred Aroma from Heaven and Earth.

In the old days, Vietnamese people believed that Aquilaria was a precious creation of Nature containing holy energy. Whenever burned or worn, it brought luckiness and happiness. In addition, it was an efficacious medicine. Tram Huong was really a sacred product usually used to offer to Kings, ancestors, and burned in ritual festivals Chinese people kept it in house as a Standard; Indian, Japanese, and Malaysian people kept it as a Family Heirloom; in Muslim countries, Agarwood was used in many Ramadan ceremonials.
Our forefather often said:

“Although hundreds of flowers blossom in spring,

If there is no scent of Tram Huong, the atmosphere of spring is still insufficient.”

Aquilaria has many miraculous uses including removing bad vitality from the body, enhancing rotation of vitality and blood, harmonizing heart rhythm, helping to have deep sleeps, preventing and treating many diseases including cancer, and so on. Also, the scent of Aquilaria helps people to ease up and think of holy things!

Agarwood is also used to make valued handicraft products such as bracelets, necklaces, statues of Buddha, and other sculptures. Incense, round-shaped incense, powder incense, etc. made from Tram Huong are essential sacred worshipping products to Khanh Hoa people and pilgrims.



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