As the quiet lake, blue and crystal clear, it’s easy to see all things at the bottom. Conversely, when the water ripples, reflections image will be distorted. The human brain is the same to this. When mind is quiet and focused, wise mind will come. Conversely, when there are interject thoughts or anxiety, tensions, the less effective the work is. A worker, who is operating the machine carelessly, would easily have accidents. A researcher whose mind is instable will be hard to complete his work. Also, in terms of development of industrial civilization with highly competitive, people are faced with many types of pressure, the stress suffered reduces resistance and can easily lead to many diseases are worrisome. From this fact many people have come to meditation.

How to meditate? If you are just beginning, do is simple.


Practicing meditation at a certain time: As sunrise and before you go to sleep is the best time.

Sit up straight enough for comfortable breathing – on one chair or one mattress on the floor – and setting the clock to count how many minutes you want to meditate. When you start the clock, close your eyes, relaxing and not moving except breathing until time is up. Focusing on the inhaling and exhailing progress. Every time you have one thought or one impulse, note it and bring you back to your breath.

Next, choose a pose for seat meditation. The best but most difficult posture is Lotus. Crossed legs, put the right foot on the left thigh and vice versa, soles of the feet upwards. Two hands overlap, placed below the navel, leaning on the thigh, upper body lift. Backbone straight, the vertebrae overlaps the others burning like strings of coin. Chin lifted up.

If you can not sit as the Lotus posture, then try the posture of Siddhasan. Place the right foot over the left thigh (or vice versa), knee touch the floor. After that, leaning forward, push the knee to the back. If the knee is difficult to touch the floor, put one thigh on the crook knee thigh of the other leg.
1You can sit in normal posture


Once you have selected one of the seat postures, straight up, to help the chest easy to strain when you breathe. Your posture should be natural, flexible and non-stiffened.

Please choose carefully the position, because it is important that you not be fixed until the end of the seat meditation. Why is it so important? Suppose that you change your seat position because it is not comfortable. After a while, a new seat position becomes uncomfortable. So you just keep changing your postures, return from this position into another position throughout the meditation, rather than trying to achieve a deeper level of provisions. Please exercise self-restraint and remain seated initially.

Making decision from the beginning that how long would you meditate. If you have never meditated, starting with about twenty minutes. When you continue to practice, you can gradually increase the time. That depends on how much time you have and you can sit for how long without pain.

Lotus posture

group of 3 women doing yoga in nature

Experiments conducted in a laboratory in Britain showed that a person sitting in this position, their brain waves change from fast and relentless Beta into quiet and slower Alpha. It expresses a more relaxed mood, a more peaceful mind

In another experiment, it was discovered that a person sitting in Lotus posture has less chance to be irritated by the turbulent outside than those who sit in the normal posture, can deeply concentrate and his mind become clearer. The scientists concluded that the Lotus posture creates withdrawal from the senses of movement and bring back the energy of mind.


Scientists after researching found types of brain waves of human beings.

Beta wave: a fast fluctuated and unsteadily brain wave, more than 13 cycles/ second. Most of us have this kind of wave. It reflects the unsettled; non-stop fluctuated of human’s mind which is always full of worry, anger, fear and disappointment.

Alpha wave: is a type of wave, which is much slower and steady, about 8 cycles per second. Scientists have found that the human mind is calmer, more balanced, more relaxed, very aggressive and lucid with Alpha wave, in “a state of pure consciousness and comfort “. People get this kind of wave feel better, be able to complete the work and solve the problem better. Other people love them more.

The experiments on those who practice Mantra meditation (Mantra Meditation) with lotus position, after a period of exercise shows that meditators are always in alpha state.

Theta wave: The experiment continued for many years, the scientists found that with regular meditation, alpha waves slow down then change into theta waves (4-8 cycles / second). These type brain waves make the calm, peaceful and full of love is deeper.


There are many different meditation techniques

– Focusing on the breath

– Times necklace

– Look at the candle or an outside point

– Try to make the mind empty; thinking about nothing, this can not be, because of the nature of mind is thinking

From the research shows that the best result is to use a technique called “MANTRA“. “Man” means mind, “Tra” means release. Mantra is a special sound to use while practicing concentration. The sound of it creates a certain vibration can release the Tri from all turbulent. This local language (Mantra) derives from the Sanskrit, a special language which was developed by the yogis thousands of years ago. That is the sound inside of nervous system of humanity. Mantra is the language of the body and mind of human. This term is repeated during meditation (thoughts concentration). It’s like a kind of music inside the body, gradually transforms beta waves into alpha then theta waves.

For beginners, this language is: BABA NAM KEVALAM.

The meaning of BABA NAM KEVALAM: a kind of self-delusion. If a person always has negative thought: I am painful, weak, bad .. He will become sick, weak and bad, for real.

If a positive thinker, this will give them the strength and the changes in life. “The way you think decides who you are”


  1. Sit in Lotus posture if possible, if not you can sit in a comfortable position.
  2. Keep the back straight but sit comfortably, eyes closed.
  3. Breathe slowly, ease your mind.
  4. Withdraw your mind out of the outside world. Do not think about any problem, ignore the noise outside
  5. Imagine you are sitting in a quiet place, deserted, alone (at the top of the mountain or lakeside)
  6. You feel so free and peaceful
  7. Try to feel the love of the universe surrounding us, like an endless ocean of love and happiness. Then, you repeat in your mind BABA NAM KEVALAM..Inhale then repeat BABA NAM. Exhale and repeat KEVALAM.

Feeling you become one with the ocean of love and happiness like a drop of water into the sea.

The positive energy of the universe is love. When we feel the unconditional love of the universe, I felt happy. The happiness inside that will give us the strength and energy to work better.

At first we can think of many things, not concentrate. But if you exercise regularly, the concentration will be better.

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