Once upon a time, there was a King who believed that there was elixir of life.

Being obsessed with his dream of being immortal, the King convoked all the physicians from all over the country and announced the decree that “ Who finds the elixir of life would be honored as physician by profession and awarded a half of the country, if not, his head would be cut off then floated on the sea”


His cruelty led to deaths of many physicians. Too lost in his crazy ambition, the King forgot to take care of his dynasty. The country had to face with the hazard of loosing sovereignty. His people were suffering from the diseases everywhere. Regardless of this situation, the King still spent time finding the exilir of life. One day, he heard about a couple of physicians who spent their time helping poor people, did not care about their own sakes. The King had the soldiers force them to come to his palace and asked them to find that magic elixir. The couple chose to die, frankly, however, asked for the last favor. Before the execution, they begged the King let them have time to prepare the medicine to defeat the epidemic disease. When the disease was treated it was the time for their deaths. At the border, the enemy was becoming stronger and they conquered his kingdom easily. The King lost his country and had to find way to save his life.

After a few days wandering on the sea, suffering from hunger and exhaust, the King thought that he could not survive, and then he saw an island. Standing in front of the high and dangerous cliffs, the King and his fellow felt desperate and waiting for the death. Suddenly they saw the small bird’s nest and heard the birds singing. The fellows decided to use the bird’s nest to cook for the King to fight against the hunger. It was like a magic, after eating the bird’s nest, the King became stronger and feeling like there was a change in his body and soul. The fellows shared the bird’s nest and had the same feeling. That night, the King had a dream of the couple of physicians. They talked to him about their story after death, their spirit and body changed into the bird. It was their good manners which were transferred into the nest that saved the King’s life. They confirmed to the King that there was no elixir of life but the good behavior, graceful soul which is the elixir to help people live longer.

Realized the fact and feel ashamed and sorry for all things he did, the King and his fellows came back to his country to fight against and chase away the enemy. The King became a perspicacious and careful King until he died.

This story was passed to many generations and the bird’s nest was called salangane’s nest.

In the old times, salangane nests were considered a precious product of heaven and earth which served as “a miracle drug” so it was reserved only for kings..

Nowadays, eating salangane’s nest is like breathing the precious product of heaven and earth in, combined with the legend of salangane’s nest which contains the theory full of humanity and love, all of these create a long lasting strength both in physical and spiritual of the salangane’s nest.


yen chung duong

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