Nha Trang – Where history and future blend

Nha Trang always mentioned with the beauty of the blue water, white sand beaches with coconut trees swaying in the breeze cooling the tourists from afar. Not only that, Nha Trang is also rated as the city has great potential of maritime economy and industrial growth is rapid, promising an impressive transformation in the future.

Coming to Nha Trang, travelers not only enjoy the coastline, beautiful, no evil fish and rip currents underground, but we also have the opportunity to be exposed to and learn the cultural monuments history of diverse cultures and stretched in many areas of phased development of the people of Vietnam.


Referring to the Champa culture in Nha Trang, besides Ponagar tower, could not mention Am Lord, Celestial Legend is where Marian lived with foster parents before her canonization in Ponagar tower. Located halfway up the mountains Dai An, also known as mountain Pineapples, Dai Dien Trung hamlet, Dien Dien Commune, Dien Khanh district, Am God has a panoramic view down to the village below, as mothers always follow these steps and watch their children grow up. Am cultural values of God is not only the spiritual aspect in folklore but also the Nguyen kings recognized and ordained, to still keep in Am.


Am God Festival is held every year on the solemn day from 1st to 3rd of the 3rd lunar month to commemorate the mother country that enlighten and teach people how to cultivate land, business live.

Currently, the festival is considered Am God preserve festival is full of spiritual values and cultural identity of ethnic Cham.


If there Tay Son Duong Lam ancient village, the Nha Trang Phu Vinh also ancient village with houses more than a hundred years old, with garden, carved pillars stay, located in Vinh Thanh Commune.

Go to Phu Vinh ancient village, tourists can visit the ancient period spent six lives without ever once repaired, the campus houses a 4,000 m2 large garden. Go to Phu Vinh ancient village, you can experience the exciting feeling when sitting on the carriage along a small road in the village, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, rustic, folk of the countryside.

Not only that, this village still preserves the traditional two weaving mats and incense craft se. Amid a tourist city is constantly evolving, grade one country, visitors had the new experience with the modern game, the newly re-visiting and deposited with touches of nostalgia space of Vietnamese villages in the past, this was indeed a pleasurable feeling.



After visiting the ancient village of Phu Vinh, if still in the mood for nostalgia, visitors can visit Dien Khanh Citadel, located west of 10km from the center of Nha Trang.

Dien Khanh Citadel is assessed to have a strategic position in the military, so decided Xishan home built into a solid fortress with more than 36,000 m2 area, according to military architectural ensemble spectrum Vauban Popular in Western Europe in 17-18 centuries.

Experienced many ups and downs and historical events, the Dien Khanh still stood, majestically like a god to protect the town of Dien Khanh.

tải xuống


Dien Khanh has stepped forward, you do not skip church Ha Dua, is considered the cathedral of the veteran immigrant parishioners at Lord Nguyen from Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen.

The first cathedral was built in the time no one to make, but to 1870, the church began to be renovated. After several times changed the architecture and the heart of worship contributions of laity, church Ha Dua had a moderate beauty solemn reverence but not make sense of distance for the visitors.


Nha Trang, next to the scenic beauty captivates the crowd, many of the historical sites are not just cultural beauty but also the spiritual beauty of the country people Agarwood. Worship without superstitious, preserving identity but still combined with modern thinking is a remarkable thing. If you have the opportunity to Nha Trang, take a moment to come and try to feel nostalgic about the past in the idyllic village scenery, smell the smell of rice straw stagecoach additional hour whirlwind mugs, surely you will want to return to Nha Trang.

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