Long Son Pagoda – beautiful symbol of the “Land of Frankincense”

“Who on sightseeing Khanh Hoa. Long Son should look. Ponagar not forget. Hold onto the memory of a golden Buddha. Overlooking the white Buddha sitting on heaven “. Fishing knives light wool bosom, steps lead visitors up the hill Camp pilgrims shui temple sightseeing, worship Kim Buddha body and watching Nha Trang stretched the edge of the sea. Long, Long Son Pagoda, also known as white Buddhist temple is indispensable destination city tour program of travel agents altogether.

Chùa Long Sơn

Chùa Long Sơn

The last years of the nineteenth century, the home country of chaos, before the ordained monk Thich Ngo Chi (born in Vinh Xuong, Thanh Hoa) had participated in the movement against France; on the way of practice, practice to Nha Trang on the Hill Camp Mercury, daily, noticed the monk temple bell resonates not only to Cu Lao which radiate into salt marshes, beaches soi …

They hear the bells, Buddhist villagers direction, brandishing wake up early hard work back, “on the agreement, under the Air” and many people play mind doing good. In 1886 the monks began construction on Long Son Pagoda vacant land east of the hill.

In 1990, after heavy storms, Thich Ngo Chi decided to move down to the foothills, the reconstructed temple in position now and abbot here for life. Since then, through much restoration, upgrading and expanding … Long Son Pagoda increasingly superficial world, condition and had been ordained King Bao Dai “Lust Quartet Longshan self”.

1936, given by Professor Ngo Chi wishes, temple worship was carried to Annam Buddhist Association headquarters to Khanh Hoa Buddhist revival, so far is the headquarters of the provincial Buddhist Church.

Precincts over 3,200 square meters wide. Spacious main hall, adorned with statues of Sakyamuni Buddha bronze 1.6 meters tall and weighs 700kg; large mirror behind the statue symbolizes the Buddhist halo of light. In the Guan Yin temple have standards to “a thousand hands, a thousand eyes”. Beside the temple is the auditorium of the School of Khanh Hoa Buddhist.

Shui On Camp Hill, in 1964-1965, the Buddhists of Khanh Hoa province and the vicinity have joined hands to contribute, building Buddha statues sit Kim Friendly sermon where the old temple background. Concrete object, white, height from ground to 24m, from substrate to 21m, 14m-high statue part, lotus 7m, 10m diameter lotus. Around seven stations is the martyred saint.

Tượng Phật tổ

Tượng Phật tổ

Before Buddha stations have long dragon pair 7,2m. Clear days alone, calm sea, en route to Nha Trang, Vietnam North to or in place, whether by car or train, travelers have seen wonderful majestic white Buddha statue under blue sky vợi but please lightly before indulgent smile of Buddha.

Want to offer incense before Buddha Shrine, must pass through 193 stairs. In 2003, monks Long Son Pagoda Thich Chi Tin has placed the Nirvana Buddha statues 17m long, 5m high at the 44th grade level, behind the reliefs depicts 49 disciples on duty Buddhist concept.

Prev 1 year, Thich Chi Tin bell gave way buildings Nirvana Buddha statues around 5m, then receive 2.2m tall bell, weighing 1,500 kg donated by Buddhists in Hue.

Road to the temple as “ascension”, lush foliage, about dark shadow of the mountains. From Camp Cards hilltop watching “the painted glass,” where the ancients understood as saying that this area is where the “big four qui tide, from Wednesday”.

Once sightseeing temple, worship Kim Buddha Shrine, self explain why people Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Long Son affirmed itself as one of the beautiful symbols of “Made in frankincense.”

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