About iNHATRANG project

Vietnam has proudly attained economic and social achievements over the toughest difficulties and challenges whereas our individuals’ intellect and courage have ignited, thus gained positive reception from all over the world. Vietnam is passionately entering into a new phase: the period of “Global Economic Integration”.


Knowledge is the most primary source for investment and innovation is the driving force for the growth of knowledge economy. In developed countries, the creative economy contributes 70-90% of the national economy value. The World Bank Institute (WBI) proposed that a country aspiring to develop knowledge economy needs to reform 4 pillars of knowledge economy such as educational and skilled human resources, efficient innovative system, modern information infrastructure (ICT), and up-to-date economic and institutional regime. Subsequent to the country’s achievements, especially within the stage of “Global Economic Integration” when the world is undergoing unppredictable changes. Nha Trang Peace and Innovation Village Corporation has researched and thus shaped an idea of a project named “Nha Trang Peace and Innovation Village” (herein called iNhaTrang project).

“Nha Trang Peace & Innovation Village” will be a spot for the world’s leading scholars, technology discoverers, artists and cultural makers to relax and be inventive. iNhaTrang will be a room where the world’s innovation, kicking-off companies launch theirs products and services. In addition, it will be a blessed sponsor to introduce new products, services and technology to the developed and civilized world. On top of being a significant Innovation Center regarding culture, science and technology, iNhatrang grows to be a groundbreaking house for the scientific and technology values and human cultural values. Additionally, it is birthplace of applicable scientific products making headway on economy and civilization. Above all, iNhaTrang develops into a venue for peace to lead and boost the innovation-based economy.


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