Zen and the impact on human health

As one of the Ayurvedic therapies born from the 5th century BC, retreat method has been known as a cure for neurological diseases to humans efficiently.

For many years, neuroscientists at the Center for Public Health Toronto (Canada) studied the process thoughts, and human behavior under the impact of negative moods like anxiety, loss expectations, …
Many treatments for these problems has been launched, in which meditation method. To test the impact of this approach for patients, doctors have conducted more than 50 experiments for many patients suffer from nervous tension caused by stress, drug addiction and those who crashed desperate state due to face difficult problems in life. The result is a method of meditation retreats for a period of 2 hours daily regularity has helped significantly improve the stress in these patients. In addition, meditation method also works for a number of other chronic diseases.
In 1970, a graduate student of biology at the University of Massachusetts (USA), Jon Kabat-Zinn called application method tried meditation retreat in the treatment of patients suffering from muscle pain and extend neuritis. With one week of treatment with this measure, the pain was reduced to a surprising way.
In many cases, the neurologist at the University of Washington (USA) also found meditation exercises considerable help stabilize the mental state and behavior strange behavior in people ever intended take it easy.


In 1990, an American scientist after years of heavy research on meditation has published books about treatments neurological diseases related to nervous breakdown and certification by meditation, has attracted the attention reviews of the scientific world. The book also mentions the findings of the other impacts of meditation on human health, including creating a relaxing effect, increasing feelings of the senses, improves morale, strengthen the focus , improves the respiratory system, reduce stress, fatigue, and dramatically reduce irritable state or angry without cause in humans, … Explain to these effects, the author of the book says meditation is a form of psychotherapy. Through posture relax and focus the senses, so that control human sentiment becomes more stable and harmonious. It also is part of the Buddhist explanation of the effects of meditation.

Meditation is known to the scientific community is the Ayurvedic meditation work mentally stable and very high therapeutic value. In fact Ayurvedic meditation is a meditation, with the simple operation, easy to carry and to concentrate high levels. These exercises to regain a balance of energy in the body. It absolutely does not mean anything about religion. Many research scientists have confirmed Ayurvedic meditation as a treatment to help reduce blood pressure effectively in people suffering from hypertension. For those old, traditional meditation techniques also help them significantly improve balance state in the activities of the body.

Meditation helps patients improve blood pressure problems – one of the causes of health problems cardiovascular and nervous in humans. Practitioners first need to choose a comfortable sitting position, eyes closed, mouth shut and concentrate first on his breath. Any one sense or another thought crossed all need to skip the first to focus on breathing. The purpose of this is for the patient collective awareness focusing on a single issue of concern while other problems happening simultaneously.
According to a study by Canadian scientists, the Ayurvedic meditation is an excellent therapy for the control of chronic pain, the stress and pressure caused by distracted the focus on too many issues threads simultaneously. A method known and most commonly used in health promotion, treatment and prevention, Ayurvedic meditation help improve health for all ages, especially the elderly. It enhances memory retention and cognitive problems in humans through the exercises, controlled breathing, the special movement enhances blood circulation to the brain and internal organs. Many studies have proven Ayurvedic meditation can help reduce stress also very effective for those who often work stress.

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